“Activate Your Voice”
is a professional vocal warm up in your pocket. Use it anytime, anywhere to speak like a pro. 5 minutes a day improves your vocal resonance, strength, articulation and enunciation.

• Designed by communication experts
• Great for business professionals, teachers, sales people, English language learners, actors, voice-over performers, and anyone who wants to be a better speaker
• Easy-to-use, with animation and audio to guide you
• Exercise sets improve your diction, breath support, projection, and pitch
• Clear, simple instructions
• Perfect to use before any speaking engagement

“Voice One – Finding Melody in Your Voice”
is a free app to improve your communication skills. The $9.99 training video demonstrates how specific copy markings and cooresponding body movements create melody and tempo changes in your speaking voice.

• Watch the melody and technique video
• Rehearse using the word emphasis chart
• Record yourself and play back
• Improve your communication skills
• Find out more about Voice One


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